In the business world, it is easy to find that many companies merge with each other, some others are lucky enough to make it through tough times and, the less fortunate ones, usually need to file for bankruptcy. Suzzanne Uhland knows that usually, it is hard to know how well a company is doing, and most of the times, the available information is not reliable enough to choose a right partner or to decide whether or not you want to invest in a new business.

Lucky for those who are still doubtful, the company New Generation Research, Inc. has come with the solution to these type of problems and the lack of information about the current condition of companies. It has created a tool called Distressed Company Alert which operates as a reliable source of publications, services, and products related to business bankruptcy and distressed companies.

For over 30 years, New Generation Research, Inc. has become one of the most important sources of relevant information related to distressed companies and business in bankruptcy. Thanks to the tool Distressed Company Alert, created in 2003, New Generation Research Inc. has been able to identify and track companies that are experiencing financial distress. This tool offers useful information to stay on top of the game without having to waste money, time and energy to identify those companies that are actually in trouble.

Products and Services:

The Distressed Company Alert tool is linked to a set of products and services that can provide businesses information related to bankrupt securities and distressed companies:

1 . BankruptcyData:

This tool is a complete business bankrupt database where subscribers are allowed to find and monitor news published across the United States during the past 40 years and today. In-depth research is possible thanks to the amount of information offered by the platform. Subscribers know that this database is one of the complete ones that can be found online and it is supported by professionals in topics related to insolvency and bankruptcy.

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2. Bankruptcy Weekly:

Distressed Company Alert sends a weekly letter to subscribers in which they can see a synthesized version of the information offered by the BankruptcyData. Between the newsletter and the information contained in the database, Distressed Company Alert aims to provide a complete and understandable reporting on the business bankruptcy industry. This is why, each week the information included in both tools is updated with features, statistics, news, and information related to recent business bankruptcy filings and distressed companies.

3. Business Bankruptcy Filing Data:

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Business which are hesitating about partnering up or investing in other business can use this service to have access to fresh and vast information on companies (both private and public) filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy courts will give data based on demographic data, such as industry description, estimated number of employees and sales volume.

4. Custom Bankruptcy Research:

The Distressed Company Alert has helped many companies thanks to the input of its staff members. Research has made it possible for the Alert tool to offer companies reliable information about distressed companies, based on their demographic needs. Financial analysis, forecasting, and litigation support is offered to subscribers so they can better understand how the other companies are doing.

5. Turnaround Letter:

For more than 20 years, New Generation Research has offered the Turnaround Letter as a useful tool to recommend companies when they should buy stocks with potential for secure increases. The letter is written by one of the most influential turnarounds and distressed investors: George Putnam. This service has been acknowledged as a well-respected service that operates independently and works hard to track the performance of more than 200 investment newsletters in the U.S.

How Does Distressed Company Alert Work?

The main propose of Distressed Company Alert is to aid its subscribers to achieve success by meeting and monitoring other companies that are going under financial distress. In order to do this, the members of New Generation Research use their bankruptcy research experience to investigate about companies who clearly show elements that are leading them to distress situations.

In order to make sure that the information provided by the Distressed Company Alert is not biased and is presented in the most professional and pragmatic way, the organization groups the information into specifically defined Alert Categories. Each category allows the subscriber to analyze different aspects of the company in distress so its business can respond accordingly.

  • Low Rating: When important rating agencies identify that a company’s publicly traded debt is below a B rating, it means that it is not in its best shape and it’s currently vulnerable.
  • Relevant Dividend Exclusion: The company didn’t share a dividend on its relevant stocks.
  • Miscellaneous: The editors and researcher of the Distressed Company Alert define whether or not recent events may affect or challenge the financial future of a company and put it in distress.

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