Suzzanne UhlandPossessing over 20 years of experience in the legal arena, attorney Suzzanne Uhland serves as a partner in the Newport Beach and San Francisco, California offices of O’Melveny and Myers, LLP. Additionally, Uhland functions as Chair of the Restructuring Practice and is a member of the Policy Committee at her law firm. Suzzanne Uhland’s primary emphasis is in the areas of Chapter 11 restructuring and representing clients in distressed transactions. Suzzanne Uhland’s Chapter 11 and bankruptcy clients have included Spyglass Entertainment,and New Century Financial Corporation. She has also represented SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc. as special litigation and corporate counsel, and Saga Investments, LLC, in its acquisition of assets of another company. Read More


  • A Look At The Factors That Influence Peak Oil

    Oil is a non-renewable resource and we will eventually run out of it. Ancient biological matter and a process that lasted about 10 million years are both responsible for the massive reserves of crude oil that we continue to extract today in order to power our industry, light our homes and move forward our transportation; amongst other things. There will be a point in the future when the maximum point of crude oil extraction is going to be reached and immediately after that, the rate of extraction will start to decline until all of the available crude

  • 6 Of The Most Remarkable Acquisitions Made By Indian Startups

    Almost done with 2017 and there has been a remarkable movement around mergers and acquisitions, especially in the Indian startup juncture where it seems the aforementioned processes are really a blast. Earlier this year, and in the past, some of the country’s biggest startups such as Freshworks, Paytm and Flipkart made important acquisitions in hopes of expanding their presence, capturing a much broader and larger market share and withstand their competitors. As previously described by Suzzanne Uhland, both mergers and acquisitions can really get to be a dreary process when carried out

  • Some basic tips for restructuring any company

    It does not really matter the size or the nature of the company: All of them can be restructured, and, generally, these processes bring quite positive changes in the commercial future of failing organizations. What must happen, in any case, is a successful process of adaptation to the new circumstances; those that make organizations take drastic decisions like this one. The need to develop a restructuring program is one of the best decisions that can be made when there is a positioning deficit in the market of goods and services to which the company belongs, and, of