Suzzanne UhlandPossessing over 20 years of experience in the legal arena, attorney Suzzanne Uhland serves as a partner in the Newport Beach and San Francisco, California offices of O’Melveny and Myers, LLP. Additionally, Uhland functions as Chair of the Restructuring Practice and is a member of the Policy Committee at her law firm. Suzzanne Uhland’s primary emphasis is in the areas of Chapter 11 restructuring and representing clients in distressed transactions. Suzzanne Uhland’s Chapter 11 and bankruptcy clients have included Spyglass Entertainment,and New Century Financial Corporation. She has also represented SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc. as special litigation and corporate counsel, and Saga Investments, LLC, in its acquisition of assets of another company. Read More


  • This Is What Will Happen To Oil Prices In 2018

    Crude oil is up there on the top of the most important and influential commodities as it affects the economic environment in pretty much all levels, from the daily budget of the typical American family all the way up to the dealings of the biggest corporations in the planet. The importance of such impact is only matched by its volatility, as prices in the industry of oil are affected by many factors, such as geopolitical and social instability, supply and demand, and last but not least, access to future supply. Factors such as these, change on the

  • Acquisitions: The Good And The Ugly

    As per discussed in previous articles by Suzzanne Uhland, acquisitions embody one of today’s most strategic means of growth for businesses. However, although the idea behind this move may seem quite understandable and easy to digest, at first sight, reality dictates otherwise: the key to attaining an appealing growth rate through acquisitions is to take advantage of synergies—which ultimately are the ones responsible for yielding a positive outcome when choosing this path.

    Business owners often struggle at deciding what to do next with their businesses. Some of them often decide to

  • The current financial distress of mining and oil companies

    The predominant economic model in the current international world is advancing on the basis of an accelerated process of innovations and an extraordinary speed of technological changes. The industrial model has meant strong growth and important economic transformations but also enormous differences between developed and underdeveloped countries, with processes of exclusion and regressive income distributions. In the last three decades, the industrial model has turned into financial capitalism, and, currently, it suffers one of the most significant crises. The economic ideology has been quite relevant in generating the financial crisis that is happening today in the developed