Suzzanne UhlandPossessing over 20 years of experience in the legal arena, attorney Suzzanne Uhland serves as a partner in the Newport Beach and San Francisco, California offices of O’Melveny and Myers, LLP. Additionally, Uhland functions as Chair of the Restructuring Practice and is a member of the Policy Committee at her law firm. Suzzanne Uhland’s primary emphasis is in the areas of Chapter 11 restructuring and representing clients in distressed transactions. Suzzanne Uhland’s Chapter 11 and bankruptcy clients have included Spyglass Entertainment,and New Century Financial Corporation. She has also represented SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc. as special litigation and corporate counsel, and Saga Investments, LLC, in its acquisition of assets of another company. Read More


  • How To Dodge Bankruptcy: An Easy-To-Follow Guide For Entrepreneurs

    Suzzanne Uhland has always stressed the importance of paying special attention to today’s economic landscape in order to foresee possible complications, especially those that often lead corporations to file for Chapter 11. Although even well-established companies are not exempt from the dreary and dramatic consequences of bad management decisions, bankruptcy is perhaps one of the most important aspects entrepreneurs and startups should pay special attention to.

    Startups tend to exude lots of enthusiasm and innovation, especially after launching their initiatives; however, they all struggle against the same obstacle: lack of capital.

  • Why so many companies have been filing for bankruptcy?

    In less than a month, we will have the final statistics for this year, and things do not look promising. According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, until last month 714,138 bankruptcy petitions were filed. That’s close to the 772,085 of last year. What is happening in our country? We are not going through easy economic times, that’s true, but maybe the slowdown is not the only one to blame for this problem. Probably, behind that high rate, there is a series of multiple causes, and many of them are social

  • Are The Predictions About Next Year’s Oil Prices To Be Trusted?

    Here at Suzzanne Uhland’s blog, we have been talking quite a lot about the predictions and projections for oil prices next year in 2018. With only a couple of weeks before the new year, it is common for many to speculate and speak their mind when it comes to their own interpretation of influential factor that affects the prices of oil, and even seemingly unrelated events they believe will affect in some way or another, the value of crude all around the world. This year was an interesting one, to say the