Suzzanne UhlandPossessing over 20 years of experience in the legal arena, attorney Suzzanne Uhland serves as a partner in the Newport Beach and San Francisco, California offices of O’Melveny and Myers, LLP. Additionally, Uhland functions as Chair of the Restructuring Practice and is a member of the Policy Committee at her law firm. Suzzanne Uhland’s primary emphasis is in the areas of Chapter 11 restructuring and representing clients in distressed transactions. Suzzanne Uhland’s Chapter 11 and bankruptcy clients have included Spyglass Entertainment,and New Century Financial Corporation. She has also represented SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc. as special litigation and corporate counsel, and Saga Investments, LLC, in its acquisition of assets of another company. Read More


  • 3 Things You Should Know About The Different Gas Prices In The US

    The prices of gasoline are a factor that says many things and not just the cost of the precious liquid, but also talk about the state of economic affairs, as well as the current sociopolitical unrest of a certain area in the world. A funny thing happens for example in the United States, where gas prices have a tendency to not just vary from gas station to gas station, but also from state to state. These variations are to be expected from any product regardless of the situation from vendor to vendor,

  • How companies in the film industry should be restructured

    Currently, we see how the global economic climate becomes more and more challenging for most industries. Often countries don’t know what to do to help their industries grow. Businesspeople find themselves in difficult positions where they need to make difficult decisions. And, companies in pretty much any field have to face the cruel reality of a merger or a restructuration, where some of their team members need to be let go.

    There is one industry, in particular, that is facing some challenges nowadays, this is the film industry. With a high

  • The Future Of Oil And Alternative Energy Research

    New renewable energies are making a dent in the market worldwide. Nowadays, energy securities along with the public’s concern for the environment are factors that drive the prices of oil up or down. However, while we do consider positive for the economy when the prices of oil are high as they as evidence of financial stability, it also raises some questions as to the future of energy with the rise of alternative sources.

    The truth is that there has been little research to the way oil prices directly affect the progress we are making in